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46% of consumers say that for them to trust and buy into influencer-led campaigns, it’s essential that the content is authentic and engaging
With audiences today seeking truth and authenticity more than theyever have before, it can be difficult to ensure a collaboration between brand and influencer remains genuine, transparent and uncompromised. Keeping influencer partnerships authentic is proving somewhat ofa learning curve for marketers who must remain adaptable andreceptive to an ever-changing landscape.

Using case studies, trend analysis, industry expertise and authoritative outreach, How to Ensure Authenticity in Influencer Marketing tacklesthe concept of what authenticity really means today and providesadvice on how you can forge and maintain a truly authentic relationship, both with influencers and consumers.
The report discusses…
Why authenticity isso critical to successful influencer partnerships
The controversial tactics eroding authenticity
How to find anauthentic match foryour campaign
Download our best practice report to explore authenticity in influencer marketing and discover ways to find influencers who representa truly authentic match.
At Influencer Intelligence, we put credible data and qualitative insightsat the heart of influencer marketing campaigns.
Our platform covers thousands of data points from age and audience demographics to brand endorsements and social performance, whilst also allowing youto identify, evaluate and measure potential brand ambassadors and influencerswith ease – ensuring that the people you choose are right for your brand.
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