Pizza Restaurant (React JS), fully responsive React JS pizza restaurant theme.

A fully responsive onepage React JS pizza restaurant theme, where I made a great use of React State, Components, JS data used for product attributes, all the way to hosting the website.


The design below is what I wanted to achieve using React JS.

Within Visual Studio Code I started by adding two main folders inside the source folder “components” where will hold all the different sections within the website such as the ones shown on the above image and “images” which will contain all images.

Each of these sections will contain its components this way is would be way easier for me to track them as I develop.

Once I had set all the folders I needed and got rid of unnecessary files, I started coding each section from top to bottom.

Unfortunately, I am unable to post the whole code/steps, however, I have included the download link for the build below.

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About the Author

Aury Silva

I am a Front End Developer from Hull, United Kingdom. With just over five years of experience, I carry a robust digital design set of skills within Adobe Suite as well as a good understanding of CRMs such as Marketo, HubSpot, Adestra and many more.

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