11 Principles of UX Design from a Start-up Perspective

For designers working in the altering field of user experience, it’s obvious to not miss the principles of UX design.

The term ‘design’ brings the concept of creativity to our mind like a design or craft. On the contrary, UX (User Experience) design makes us aware that only being aesthetically beautiful is not enough to create a functional interface. An experienced User designer always does a lot of research. A design can offer a much better user experience and boost the brand reputation only when featured with essential principles. The blog will discuss some of the Best SaaS UX Design Practices from a start-up’s perspective.

In the current century, the demand for digital services is on the hike in beginning a new start-up or organization. However, the main focus always lies in providing the customers with an excellent experience. This is why the eye is now on the web or mobile UI/UX Designs Trends.

This section presents some researched data that reflect the significance of having a practical UI/UX design and how the design works as a trump card in business development.

  • Forrester Research Report says an excellently designed User Interface can boost the conversion rate by 200%, and User Experience can by 400%.
  • Another report by Forrester claims that the ‘Usability’ factor is significant as it enhances the customers’ attention by 14.4%, decreases the chances of customers to switch to other companies by 16%, and increases the chances of recommendations to friends and families by 16.6%.
  • A report by another organization states that around 70% of the company CEOs assess the User Experience and Customer Experiences as competitors.

What are UX Rules?

While thinking of UX (User Experience), two major factors first come to mind — usability and convenience. At present, UX has been a broader platform with various perspectives. Similarly, like web design tools, UX rules and practices get better in the hands of experienced developers. Therefore, if you are using the same UX design for the past few years, your system must require an update.

A strong focus on the Customer Experience can increase their willingness to purchase by 15%. It is a compulsion on the part of the companies to Hire UI/UX Designers to maintain the User Experience rules.

What is the UX Principle?

The primary motto of User Experience is to understand the users, their needs, their assessment of the products, and their limitations. You can design beautiful elements using UX to achieve your business goal and objectives. The best possible practice of UX principles and design systems enhances the user interaction concerning the quality and perception of your products and that of your contemporary competitors. Therefore, a start-up needs to Hire UX/UI Designers for a better User Experience.

Principles of UX Design

1. Meet the Customer Demand

If you have a business, you always have to see whether your user needs are fulfilled or not. One of the most important principles of a UX design strategy is to monitor the users. The user experience reflects whether your UI/UX Design Trends need any further development or not. A company needs to know their customer demand and develop the content accordingly. You need to hire a skilled UI/UX designer to execute the job correctly.

2. Monitor Your Status in the Design Process

In case your UI/UX design is new, the design may be awe-inspiring. Here, you must know your role in the entire process. You must make sure that the appointed designers know the operation and use the apt tools. Your monitoring process will help to solve many issues and help the outcome to be more creative.

3. Keep the Performance Consistent

You must remember that the users prefer the products that meet their values and are used often. It helps the users to learn about the new merchandise without any extra cost. The more familiar the users will be with your design, the more conversion you will earn. Consistency helps create UX designs quickly, as the developers do not need to create unique designs time and again.

4. Understand the Accessibility

One of the crucial principles of UX designs is to make them accessible to the most possible users without any unnecessary hindrances. Therefore, it is the designers’ responsibility to research design accessibility.

5. Create a Transparent Hierarchy

The UX design principles make sure the application of smooth navigation through a clear hierarchy. The primary hierarchy is the one that arranges the information throughout the design, and the secondary hierarchy allows you to delve deep into the subcategories of the contents.

6. Context: The Key

The main context behind any design is to consider the users’ needs. The developers must consider the contextual factors like location, time, preferences, emotional aspects, etc., as these factors tend to determine the users’ behaviour. The most effective UI/UX Design Trends can improve the users’ experience.

7. Development the Content

Along with the design, apt content also helps steer the website in the right direction. Engaging content and stories help to connect with the potential audience.

8. Keep a Balance between Consistency and Discoverability

As your business is new, you cannot afford to experiment more. But, as already discussed before, consistency is one of the essential UX principles. If you make the design consistent, it makes the users choose your website out of familiarity. But, remember to add some twists to that same pattern; otherwise, the whole thing might become monotonous.

9. Use Animation

Animations add life to a web experience. The interactive angle of the animation helps the users to understand how a website works. Moreover, visuals allow the users to remember even the smallest of details. Users do not skip the animations due to the playful vibes.

10. Practise Progressive Disclosure

The users must find vital information easily. Once the user enters a site, s/he may see more technical information and features. The designers must be very precise in their way and show only the most essential things on the web page.

11. Create Trust and Credibility

You can never underestimate the importance of trust and credibility. You have to always follow the UX design principles irrespective of the fact of what your workplace is. It is the responsibility of a designer to enhance the trustworthiness of a brand besides its website. The trust factor increases brand loyalty and reputation over the years.

Why is UX Important for Business?

In this digitalized era, the presence of robust UI/UX design principles and practices has more excellent value. The most fruitful outcomes are,

  • Increase of Conversion Rate
  • Reduction of Support Cost
  • Secure Brand Reputation and Loyalty


The blog has focused on the 11 Best SaaS UX Design Practices in the digital business market. The companies need to engage skilled and experienced UI/UX designers to get the best results and enhance the conversion rate.

Hope the blog guides you.

Credit: Medium

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